*K1, P1; rep from * across

August 10, 2009

My first knitted piece of clothing!

My first knitted piece of clothing!

To a lot of people, the title of this post looks like my 3 year-old got a hold of the keyboard during my posting. No, no. It’s part of a knit pattern that I’m now all too familiar with. Today is a happy day in my up and coming etsy success. I completed my first handmade knitted piece of clothing!

This is a 9 month-old cardigan made with Lion Brand Thick ‘n Quick yarn. It only takes two balls to make this and a matching hat (which is still on my needles!). If you’re a knitter or would like to become one, check out the website for the free pattern. It really is your basic beginner pattern. Basic garter stitch, rib stitch and increase and decrease.


I’ve signed up for another craft fair this fall and hope my crocheted and knitted items sell well. I’ve recently had some success on etsy.com with my crocheted kufi hats. Check out my etsy shop.


Oh, now I’m addicted to scrapbooking, crocheting AND knitting. Pretty soon my sister will get me addicted to quilting, I’m afraid. Until next time, have a great day!


One Response to “*K1, P1; rep from * across”

  1. Corie said

    I love it! It’s very cute! You’re really good at this kind of stuff, Michele. I hope selling online really goes well for you! :o)

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