Pancakes: More than Just a Breakfast Food

December 20, 2008


Our new kitten!

Hello, everyone!  Our cat, Waffles, had her yearly vaccinations with Dr. Stokes today.  He said she was very healthy other than being slightly overweight.  I believe his exact words were, “She’s not pathologically obese yet, but if she gains any more weight, you will be getting a very stern lecture from me.”  So I have to do my best to pick up the thrown pieces of hot dog and chicken nuggets before Waffles devours them. 

Dr. Stokes asked if she had any problems.  I said she was fine other than her occasional “psycho-kitty mode”.  She will get these bursts of energy and attack your feet, bite and be generally mischevious.  She calmed down a lot once we had her spayed and front declawed, but it’s still a problem.    Dr. Stokes’ easy solution:  get another cat for her to hunt so she doesn’t hunt the family! 

Pancakes with her new mommy

Pancakes with her new mommy

Being the impulsive people that we are, I quickly convinced Jeff that we needed a new cat.  The vet said a male kitten would be best.  He also said the first few days they might act like they’re going to kill eachother, but rest assured that after about five days, they’ll be the best of friends and be sleeping on each other.  Then they can aggrivate each other to get their energy out, and we can play with them to have fun without being attacked. 

We decided to go to the Putnam County Animal Shelter, only because Hendricks County wasn’t open on weekends and we (I) was really excited about a kitty.  Now where the title of this post comes in–our new little boy is named Pancakes.

Here are the girls checking out the little fur ball

Here are the girls checking out the little fur ball

The story on little Pancakes is that he and two sisters were strays, abandoned by their mother near a house in Greencastle.  The elderly couple that lived there said they’d be willing to take one kitten, but couldn’t take the others.  They were literally leaving the next day to stay in Florida for the winter.  I guess the shelter was officially “closed” to taking more animals, but after the nice man begged and made a generous donation to the shelter, they decided to take the two kittens.  Pancakes was brought to the shelter just yesterday.  And by us prepaying our vet for the necessary neutering and vaccinations, the nice lady at the shelter let us take him home today. 

Pancakes purring on Jeff

Pancakes purring on Jeff

Willow thought we should name him Prince.  (This is after we explained that “Princess” is a name only for girls!)  The other names Jeff and I liked were Pancakes, Syrup and Mr. Blick.  We got Waffles’ name from the cartoon “Catscratch” that was about three cats who lived in a mansion.  Gordon and Mr. Blick were the names of the other two cats, but Willow said we could name him anything except Mr. Blick!  So it was down to Syrup and Pancakes.  Obviously Pancakes was the winner.

We just got home a bit ago with our new furry friend.  Waffles is stalking him and hissing.  But no attacks (yet!).  We’re all excited to have a new family member and at the thought of not being attacked by Waffles any longer!


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  1. Aw, so we’re not the only ones who impulsively adopt animals! :o) So happy for you guys and can’t wait to meet Pancakes! What a funny suggestion from your vet to adopt another cat! But it makes perfect sense…so hopefully no more Psycho Waffles! :o)

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